Dear United Airlines, -A Letter From a Fat Customer

Dear United,

Despite your company's deteriorating reputation, I was sitting in first class from Newark to Las Vegas this morning on the 6:40am flight when a flight attendant spilled a drink on me. She apologized. She was very nice about it and seemed sincerely sorry. I said no problem and asked if she could just give me some things to clean up my seat, the floor and soak up the water from my clothes I would be just fine. She got me some napkins and paper towels. I proceeded to sit on those for most of the 6hrs flight. There was a lot of napkins on the floor in between me and the gentleman in the window seat, so I try to kick them close to the aisle but not into it so nobody would walk on them but it would be easy to collect.

When it came time to collect service items I politely asked another flight attendant who was walking through first class, who had been attending to economy during the flight, to pick it up because she had a trash bag and I saw her collect other people's things for them in front of me. I have a hard time bending otherwise I would have handed it to her. She replied that she does not pick up trash off the floor and laughed at me when I apologized and told her that I physically was not able to, and she walked away.

Then after all of that about five minutes later she came by picked it up anyway. Then went upfront and started talking about me to the other attendants. I saw her pointing her finger at me and giving me dirty looks. The fact is I was being nice and trying to collect trash as best as possible. Trash that was created because they spilled a drink on me.My pain and physical issues did not allow me to pick it up. I shouldn't be laughed at and treated like I'm a lazy slob. I deal with chronic pain from a bad back and a couple years ago I broke both my feet at the same time, which has caused a number of problems in my knee and hip joints. Which is why flying first class is so important for me. Her blatant disregard for me is unacceptable.

I am a valid customer and I should be valued not looked down on you because of my size. Her name was Diane. I hope that you take this opportunity to teach her how to treat people.

PS on my way to Newark, I was not able to get a first class ticket. The hard dividers between your chairs squeezed my hips so badly, for five hours, I bruised my upper thighs. I am happy that recently the courts are deciding to reverse your decision to make your customers as uncomfortable as possible. Spent $1000 to be bruised, laughed at and treated rudely.


A Plus Size Customer




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