Its Just my Opinion- The Best BBW of 2016

The best BBW Women of 2016

Alexxxis Allure has shown me time and time again there are people who are beautiful inside and out. She has helped me through a crazy year. While she is taking a brief hiatus from creating her own content she is still doing paid shoots. I could not have gotten the job with Hustler if it wasn't for her support and willingness to shoot for me. Pick up a copy of Hustler May 2016 issue to see the article with her full page picture from my first production for Hustler BBW Bosses.

Karla Lane, its no secret this year has been tumultuous to say the least. I have had a couple conversations with Karla in the aftermath and have apologized profusely for any pain I caused her in my own despair. I am so proud that through everything Karla has started her website with Dirty Diva this year and its a huge success. I especially love the fact that female business owners are giving the men a run for their money! In fact, Many of my other girlfriends have gone to Dirty Diva as well to start their sites. Others have started their own clip stores and modelcentro. Either way one thing is for sure women have stepped it up this year.

Sofia Rose, I admire her hustle. I think she has a big chance to win AVN BBW of the year because she is the most searched BBW model online and works with all the top companies as well as shooting for her own site. This is the example women should follow. I am not trying to blow smoke up anyone's ass here either. We aren't friends. I really don't know her. I can just see what is plainly evident. She is an entrepreneur.

Lila Lovely is probably the best pornstar I've ever met. Let me explain... No one loves sex as much as she does and in my experience no one is as good at it as she it. She has this fire inside her. In my opinion she should have been nominated for AVN based off her performance this year.

Jordynn LuXXX, I feel the same way about Jordynn as Lila. Her work is eye catching and she is one of the most beautiful women in this industry. She started her own website this year with Dirty Diva. I know it will be a huge success. She deserved some recognition so I am giving her it.

Lyla Everwettt, is one of my best friends. I have admired her hustle despite more adversity then the average model. Lyla will always excel. She is switching her website over to modelcentro and is taking her destiny in her own hands. She is one of the top searched BBWs in the world and managed to make that list based on her own content, way before she ever shot for a company.

Angel Deluca, she is one of the prettiest and nicest people I've met in this industry. She is real and honest. I love that she is getting recognition this year. She deserves it.

Bunny De La Cruz is a legend. I was very hesitant about meeting new people but she is so incredibly sweet but also a very strong woman. I like that she knows who she is and what she wants. She is definitely a force of nature.

SSBBW AppleBomb, I don't know her very well, but she represents all the SSBBW trying to break it porn not just fetish. I remember 4 years ago begging producers to give my friend who was an ssbbw a chance. I am so happy to see more diversity. I for one can't wait to see more SSBBWs in porn. They aren't just a fetish. They are desirable and marketable.

BBW Breanna and Muffinmaid, I want to give these ladies recognition. While they don't do porn they are at the top of the charts in BBW fetish. They work hard to produce their own content and make bank doing it. These are strong female business women and great role models.

These are just my opinions based of my own experiences and perception of these models work.