Check Your Thin Privilege

This morning I read this article on people fat shaming a 99lb Olympic gymnast. So often people don't realize that people of all ages and sizes feel the negative effects of body shaming. The first memory of being body shamed myself was when I was 9 years old and it was coming from my mother. I was not and over weight child but I have always had thick thighs and my mom would make comments about how we could really be related because I have "thunder thighs like her". I was adopted only a few months prior by her and my dad. I had grown up in a very poor situation with a mother who was a drug addict and more then not I was in foster care. However, when I was living with my birthmother I was often starving with my siblings. It created a lot of issues with food for me. I could go on but I have another topic from the article I want to discuss. So from this I guess just promise to not repeat the cycle of our mothers and choose not to pass this down to our children.

This excerpt from the article reminded me that I as a 260lb fat girl profit from and have thin privilege. I often get booked from shoots that ssbbw wouldn't even be offered the chance for. When I have talked about this issue in the past people have gotten very upset with me. They can't understand what I am saying. Often the body positive movement is viewed as thin shaming. Which it is not! I love my friends of all size and I work with models of all sizes. I have however have viewed the unfair treatment of ssbbw women in this industry. What can we do about it? Fans can demand to see diversity, take to social media and tag bbw companies or email those companies. Models can refer their bigger girlfriends to companies you are currently working with. We all must be an ambassador for those who are seen as less then desirable. We must give them a voice and then actually listen to them. Its not a body positive movement if we cut off our "positiveness" at some point because "they are too big" or "they are not healthy" or whatever the chosen excuse is. Be grateful for your own health and put positivity into the world. Don't be another voice saying that someone is wrong for how their body is shaped or how much space they take up.