Letter to AVN Awards

This is the letter I sent to AVN awards asking for help in body acceptance and social change. I hope they listen to me there.


I hope this finds you at a time where you can give this some of your attention. I know you are extremely busy. So let me just get straight to it. I am Eliza Allure. I have had the honor of being nominated for BBW performer both years. I wanted to take the time to personally connect with you and those at AVN to say thank you for promoting BBW and women of alternative body types. Society tells us all from when we are very young girls what beauty is defined as and often as porn performers and people in the adult industry we feel stigmatized and unheard by people society. This is an opportunity to make real social change. The limits of beauty we are pushing now gets into the psyche of the American culture and maybe just maybe women will start to love themselves when they realize that there are people out that who love them not despite being big but because they are big and beautiful in their eyes.

Others have urged me to contact you and let you know of my accomplishments my three years in porn and to tell you why i should win for BBW of the year 2016. However, the nagging inside me hollers to talk about equality. I would love to see whoever wins this year be able to walk the stage and collect their award. We are at AVN in great numbers to show our community of love and support. Please allow us to feel that Plus is really equal. Thank you all so much for the strides you have all made already to make us feel welcome. And thank you for taking the time to read this.


Eliza Allure"