Why BBWs are the next big thing!

So recently I was told by a company who had committed to doing my paysite for me that they don't think BBW sites can bring in enough money to have a solo site. Why I think they are so so very wrong.....

Yes years ago the BBw could have paysites that brought in money to pay their bills. With the economic downturn consumers stopped purchasing their porn. So the average model currently doesn't make shit from her website. Its unfortunate, but I feel its about to change.

With mainstream media like movies, and magazines embracing plus size women now like Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy, Tess Holiday, my good friend Sweetcheeks is currently airing on TLC in Worlds Biggest Hips and on the more adult side Hustler just had my dvd BBW nurses with a large spread of pics of me Becki Butterfly, Sashaa Juggs, and Jade Rose, the money is sure to follow.

Now is crucial for all models who want to be relevant to have a functioning and well designed site, so when the influx begins you dont miss out. And to the companies who will come crawling back looking for new models to feed on, no thanks. I will be putting together a list of good webmasters for BBWs.

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BBW Nurses in Hustler Mag

The great part about this is BBWs were actually being featured as a real serious dvd review. In the past mainstream porn mags have had bbw in as a joke.

Please support me and go buy August 2015 copy of Hustler mag and buy the scene here