300lb Evil Angel Covergirl!

I am really proud of Evil Angel for being the first mainstream company to put a true BBW on the cover. Up until now most covers are dominated by big boobs and big booty plumpers who are around 150-220lbs. I however do not fit that mold along with a lot of other women. So I am truly happy to see us represented finally on a cover from such a great company! So often when we work with mainstream companies we are subject to their ideals and the final product looks nothing like us. I recently was passed up for another major cover where they photoshopped the hell out of the models to make us not look "fat" no stretch marks no cellulite. Its fake and being a BBW is about being naturally beautiful and showing your true body. So again Thank you to Aiden Starr the lovely producer for promoting body postive images and Evil Angel for making me a covergirl!