New Update: Jade is Strapped Down and Forced to Cum

Skinny bitch Jade has been complaining about being fat and how much she wants to lose weight. She doesn't feel sexy anymore and cant even masturbate because of it. Eliza and her gorgeous fat friends Sweetcheeks and Becki, finally fed up with Jade's constant bitching, strap her to the bed. Eliza knows exactly how to solve Jade's problem. She is equipped with her powerful magic wand with speed controller and with Sweetcheeks and Becki on either side keeping Jade from squirming begins her assault on Jades pink panties. Eliza tears them aside and puts the hitachi full speed on Jade's hot clit causing her to fight furiously for her freedom as she cums violently. Eliza slows her assault turning down the speed on the hitachi and then ramps it back up again just as jade lets her guard down. Its time for her to cum again like a good little bitch.