Body Shaming Needs to End

Weight and body image issues translate across race, social economical status, gender, sexual orientation. It seems very strange to me that we as a society have come so far in accepting others for who they are. Since I was a little girl tolerance and acceptance of religions, sex orientations, different races,  and nationalities we taught to me by both school and my family. But I was always made to feel like being fat or over weight was disgusting. I can recall one day in school a silly girl said "If I ever got stretch marks I would literally kill myself!" Like the thought of gaining weight was worse than being disfigured in a horrible car accident or something.

Why aren't these same ideals of acceptance applied to people who are over weight? Well possibly because people are not ready to stop picking on the fat girl in high school and grow up. Other females body shame because they are insecure. They will protest this truth until they are blue in the face, but its a simple fact that no confident, classy woman would try to make another lady feel ashamed of her body unless she was trying to feel better about herself.

Men body shame one either because they have sour grapes about never getting to be with you, so they call you fat like that is the worst word in the word. Or because you really aren't their cup of tea and anonymity on the internet makes them feel like its ok to troll and say horrible stuff.