Squashing Super Skinny Cheerleader Under 1000lbs Of Fat Girls

Eliza and her hot fatty girlfriends want to try out for cheer-leading. Skinny 83lbs Odette laughs in their pretty chubby faces and tells them that could never happen. Eliza and her friends are so upset by her mean words they choose to show their superiority by squashing her into the floor with their epic curves. Odette has no choice but to apologize and beg for relief.

She says I attacked her??

Marilyn has repeatedly attacked me and then acts like a victim. I have been told by Rodney Moore that she told him not to shoot me, not that it worked. And then I got these emails from JeffsModels about her lying to him.

Let me start at the beginning. Its starts with my very first hardcore scene three years ago....I was supposed to shoot a threesome with Marilyn and Levi Cash. I ended up doing a boy girl with him because she was causing so much drama all day over the company not buying her drugs. I am an avid smoker of weed but I love my job I dont have to get fucked up to shoot porn. Plus we sign model forms saying that we understand the law and are not under the influence at the time of shooting porn. Well Marilyn freaked out for damn near 6 hours until the makeup artist (who no longer works there) got her the stuff. So she goes outside to get high and then comes back in. Great its time to start shooting. We get through all the pictures and then Marilyn walks off set three or four times complaining she is feeling sick. Then she says shes too high to shoot and walks away permanently. Then she demands to be paid for the two scenes she didn't even shoot, and starts crying saying he is an asshole and hates fat girls and disrespects us. The owner said she is literally the worst model he has worked with in 10years. So gentlemen be her fan but don't wonder why she has no new videos coming out. She is such a cunt to EVERYONE that every company she has shot with no longer works with her. Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of porn? Really hard lol I know some fucking crazy chicks who do so well, but they aren't a grade a bitch like Marilyn. She has been attacking the company online because he wont shoot her again and saying all kinds of asinine things like "He makes the girls get fatter or he wont shoot you" That's so funny and not true that I had to stand up for the company. The wont shoot her because of her bullshit not because shes too skinny. As proof you can see a number of models who are skinnier then her featured regularly on the site. He features a number of body types not just "BBW".

After all this bs I reached out to Marilyn again to try to smooth things over. I really just wanted her to stop acting fucking insane. She has this weird jealousy issue with every girl she meets. She used to tell me constantly to lose weight and that if I did maybe I would get shot more. Which is pretty funny since Ive gained 90lbs and still get shot by more and more companies. Its was fairly obvious that she didn't like that I was way fatter than her yet still as popular if not even more ;). At Avn she saw how many people like me and were coming up to me and she was sitting all alone in the corner because like I have said she has a stink attitude to any other model because of her bad self esteem. She walked over and begged me to forgive her so I did. This year she asked to sit with my group of friends lol because she literally has no friends. That doesn't just happen...... A lot of models have given her a chance and she shows her ugliness inside.

I allowed her to get some pics taken with me so she could show everyone we made up. She put it on twitter that we were not fighting and that I never stole her dress that she tried to say I did and pretty much just said she lied and she was sorry. 

Here is where the conversation was. She has since deleted it. She likes to cover up her lies by deleting her tweets. I never delete mine. they are there for everyone to see.

When she was staying with me in vegas for my first avn 2013 she was shopping at burlington coat factory and just walked out with a sweater on. Like its hers because shes Marilyn and she wants it. Who does that??

That same avn she tagged along to a party I had vip invites for at the hard rock. She decided to leave me and go walk around the party. When she tried to get back up to the VIP section security stopped her. She was rude and conceited to him so he was rude right back. She made a huge scene and after a lot of crying she got him fired.

She tried to talk shit about me escorting but I know for a fact she escorts with her fans. The fan who picked her up from the airport and brought her to my place during that time saw her right before. She told me that he fucked her for $300. She also said she posted ads for escorting with her face and tattoos blurred out because she didn't want people to know she was doing it. She is a hypocrite and likes to put other women down. She called me a cheap prostitute on twitter and said many gross things about my child. She is really a disgusting person.

She would sit and look at the score xl magazines and point out every model and how gross they were compared to her. She couldn't believe that she was put in xl girls instead of voluptuous for score. She kept telling me she wanted to lose 50lbs so she could go mainstream and stop being called a bbw. Then like I said before she would constantly pick at my body and my belly in general. I love myself. I wish she loved herself too so she would not feel the need to treat others like that.

I have never attacked her looks because this is not what this is about. I am not being petty. She is gorgeous but crazy. But she does not do the same. She constantly posts things about how disgusting my body is on her twitter and how shes glad she didnt shoot with me. Her hatefulness is a reflection of her low self-esteem. I am more than happy with my big beautiful body.

I am not the only model who has had to find out the hard way about Marilyn. Believe me or not just be wise and aware when she is around....


My emails from talent testing about my gangbang.

New photoset coming to goddesseliza.com tomorrow!

New Update: Eliza Tramples Her Pet

Pet is sitting with his stupid face in the corner contemplating why he is such a royal fuckup. Eliza enters and asks him if he has learned his lesson. When dumb pet replies no Eliza gets angrier. She throws him to the floor and stands full weight on his pathetic and already abused tummy. She interrogates him as she bounces up and down causing him to scream in pain. She vows to make him forget the word "no" as she slams her massive ass on his face causing him to be deprived of oxygen. He struggles in vain and finally submits to her will. Eliza sends him back to the corner where he cries in pain. 

New Update: Jade is Strapped Down and Forced to Cum

Skinny bitch Jade has been complaining about being fat and how much she wants to lose weight. She doesn't feel sexy anymore and cant even masturbate because of it. Eliza and her gorgeous fat friends Sweetcheeks and Becki, finally fed up with Jade's constant bitching, strap her to the bed. Eliza knows exactly how to solve Jade's problem. She is equipped with her powerful magic wand with speed controller and with Sweetcheeks and Becki on either side keeping Jade from squirming begins her assault on Jades pink panties. Eliza tears them aside and puts the hitachi full speed on Jade's hot clit causing her to fight furiously for her freedom as she cums violently. Eliza slows her assault turning down the speed on the hitachi and then ramps it back up again just as jade lets her guard down. Its time for her to cum again like a good little bitch.

New Update: Crippled Man Gets Trample by Eliza

Goddess Eliza lured pathetic cripple Ricardo into her seemingly sweet home. He thinks he is going to get lucky, but before they even get to the bedroom wicked Eliza gets him to the floor in the living room. Eliza's lovely bare-feet begin their intended assault on his crippled body. She jumps on top of his stomach crushing his guts and making him bruise instantly. She insults him and spits in his faces as she laughs at his decrepit twisted body. She stomps him till hes almost passed out from the pain of her beautifully cruel feet, and then orders him to crawl out of her house. 

New update: Facesitting Christian

Goddess Eliza hates working out and on the rare occasion that she does it always puts her in a bad mood. Sweaty from a good session with her personal trainer she decides to turn the tables on him. He thinks he is such a big strong man! Well giantess Eliza throws him to the floor like the wimp he really is and sits on his face. He puts up a good fight struggling under her 60inch ass and 300lbs as she commands him to clean up every drop of sweat. Finally he passes out unable to take a breath for several minutes, as all the fat surrounds his face covering all his air-holes.

GoddessEliza.com Finally here!

I have a new love of trampling pathetic men in heels. I do it almost every day now :)
Watch me force feed my skinny bitch girl, facesit and squash her!

Why is there such a high model turn over rate?

Most people who enter into the adult industry as performers do not understand the amount of effort that goes into making porn and building your brand. You have to run your career like any business. And quite frankly all the people who never even finished high school who get into the adult industry have no motivation to be anything better. They see porn as an easy way to make money. Their lack luster performances and reputation soon get them ostracized. I have had so many models book to shoot lately and cancel over and over. I rearrange my schedule and life for them. I want to give them every opportunity to succeed. (Which I was not given)  If this was any other job they would be fired, but since its not all I can do is choose to not work with them. So often I find models who seem so passionate about being in this industry, but their actions never live up to their passionate speeches. I do not know how someone can bitch about not making money when they have been given all the tools and repeatedly shown how to use them to their benefit. At some point you have to commit or stop wasting your time. If you aren't editing your videos and webcaming everyday of course you aren't going to make money... you aren't working.

How to Make a Living in the Plus Size Adult Industry

You will read a lot of people saying you can't pay your bills with porn, but I make my living from porn. I will not claim that you can get rich from porn. That is extremely rare, and definitely not in my niche. But this is how I make the adult industry work for me. I produce most of my own content, rather than being paid by a company for a scene. My clips4sale site pays my rent every month. I live in a great 3brd 2bath condo, in Las Vegas, in a nice gated community. My southern-charms site pays for my utilities. My income from my personal site and webcaming on streamate cover my other expenses. I live a very comfortable and relaxed life style. I set up content trade shoots/parties every month so I am my fellow models can produce their own content easily. So far, I have spent hundreds this year on food and locations for everyone, but it has been more than worth it because I and all the other models have benefited with months worth of videos and pictures to sell. I produce mostly fetish content because lets face it if a guy wants to watch me giving a blowjob he can go to pornhub or the like and jerk off for free. However, fetish lovers are willing to pay money to see what they like because its rare to find. You have to find your niche. What makes you different or special? Market that quality.

I shoot with companies once or twice a month. I work with a few of the top bbw companies shooting hardcore videos. I always negotiate my rate. Never take whats offered at first. They should pay for room, travel, food and testing. If you aren't getting all of this done you need to ask for it! Don't complain about what people wont do for you if you aren't willing to demand better treatment. Earlier this week I gave a new model this very advice about testing and she took it and asked the producer to pay for it and like that her wish is granted. Most porn companies want to keep you happy, because you are their product. So don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You don't have to be a diva about it. You can act like a smart business woman.

I webcam on streamate. I have a goal of at least $100 a day. I usually make it in the first 30mins to an hour of being online. Then I log off and go relax. At the end of the month I've made around $3000. Custom video requests come in everyday. I keep track of them and go down the list creating them, when I have shoots. Fans are willing to pay a premium for custom work. I promote my ass off on social media like twitter and instagram.  I make public appearances at AVN, BBW fanfest, Pornstar Karaoke, Plush Night Club, and on radio shows like SinCity Bounty. All of these places and events are easy to access. I network with models, photographers, producers etc at these events.

Occasionally, I have see a fan who wants to pay me for my time, but it is not where I make the majority of my income. I used to escort, but now I don't have to, because I have focused my attention where it needed to be. I do not look down on girls in the industry who do it obviously. Just be safe and smart always.

So, If you add the total time I spend working a month it comes to about 1 week. While everyone slaves away to barely pay their bills I am watching Netflix or getting my nails done (You get the idea). You can definitely make a living in the adult industry if you are willing to work when you need to. Good luck ladies!

Busy Busy Bee

I love the summer, but hate the heat. As I get fatter the sweatier I get.

Lots of fun shoots coming up next week. Shooting an orgy with Bella Bendz, Jade Rose, Becki Butterfly for Jeffsmodels.com or Plumpernation. It will be epic and very dirty ;P

I am going to lake mead with Sweetcheeks, Bella Bendz and Jade Rose for a day of debauchery and fun on the water.

I am shooting a nasty and hot scene with Christian XXX and then a threesome with him and Jade Rose! Love his stamina! :)

Look at me working so hard so you don't have to work so hard at cumming :P Aren't I a good girl?